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The Laredo Development Foundation recognizes a Member Employer in its monthly e-Newsletter, Border InSight, based on:

  • The company's commitment to the betterment of the community
  • Efforts above and beyond the normal scope of job and performance services required by the company

In addition to an exceptional customer service as a Laredo/Webb County electrical service provider, A.E.P. of Texas has demonstrated their commitment for the betterment of the Laredo community on both a state and regional level, working closely with the Laredo Development Foundation on a variety of projects to promote economic development in the region.  From facilitating L.D.F. presentations to their corporate officers and business development leaders, to commissioning a professional marketing video of the Laredo and Webb County region, we congratulate A.E.P. for their contribution to the development efforts of our region and for being named Laredo Development Foundation's Employer of the Month.

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LDF's IBAC MileOne is expected to kick off by May 2016.  Click on the MileOne icon above to read more about this exciting program.

If you'd like to talk to someone in MileOne about the program and obtain more details go to Meetup to contact someone from MileOne's management.