Industrial Sites


There are 9 FTZ sites in Laredo as follows :  
  • SITE I 500 acres (Laredo International Airport)

  • SITE II 20 acres (Tex-Mex Railroad)

  • SITE III 500 acres (Killam Industrial Park)

  • SITE IV 1,500 acres (International Commerce Center)

  • SITE V 930 acres (La Barranca Ranch Development)

  • SITE VI  825  (Unitec Industrial Park)

  • SITE VII  800 (Embarcadero Industrial Park)

  • SITE VIII (22219 Mines Rd, approx. 18 miles northwest of Laredo)
  • SITE IX (302 Grand Centeral Blvd., Milo Distribution Center)

TOTAL 5,075 Acres with over 20 buildings

On August 29, 2012, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Foreign Trade Zone Board approved the reorganization of the City of Laredo, Foreign-Trade Zone 94 service area to include all of 3,376 square miles of Webb County, under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF).  Laredo's FTV has now expanded from the original 9 sites and 4 Temporary Boundary Modficiations to include all of Webb County, Texas. 


There are currently over 26 active industrial parks in Laredo with a range of prices and variety of sites.

The following list provides the contact information, location, size of the park, cost per acre, tenants and utility information.