Industrial Attraction Division

The Industrial Attraction Division provides services to attract new industry and businesses to the Laredo/Webb County area, such as: 

  • Works with prospect(s) request and assists companies interested in relocating to Laredo
  • Target maquila and industrial suppliers to serve plants on the regional border northern Mexico
  • Promote the benefits of using the Port of Lázaro Cardenas Trade Route
  • Facilitate the promotion of the Laredo/Webb County Tax Abatement to perspective clients.
  • Target select industries in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Léon to locate logistical/distribution facilities in Laredo
  • Facilitate industrial park development in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo
  • Develop and maintain essential economic and trade-related data to assist prospective prospects with timely trends in order to promote and encourage location in Laredo

If you are interested in visiting Laredo, or would like economic/demographic information, please contact Joseph Mendiola at (956) 722-0563 or via email at jmendiola@ldfonline.org.


Special Projects Division

The Special Projects Division enhances and promotes education opportunities, infrastructure, quality-of-life, and legislative issues to help highlight Laredo/Webb County's economic and trade-handling advantages as the primary port of entry for U.S.-Mexico cross border trade and investment.


Administration Division

The Administration Division, is responsible for contracts, adhering to strict financial procedures, annual audits, preparing financial statements, board minutes and staff reports as well as performing special tasks assigned by the Board. Also responsible for staff training and maintaining membership in the International Economic Development Council, the Southern Industrial Development Council and the Texas Industrial Development Council.


In Partnership with Texas A&M International University’s Small Business Development Center -

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