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What exactly is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which families can discuss future child custody arrangements with the assistance of a neutral third party.
The mediator does not tell the parties what to do, but can assist them in reaching amicable agreements while attempting to improve communication.

Welcome to Parent Coaching

  • Are you seeking for an objective ear?
  • Are you having difficulty controlling your children’s behaviour?
  • Are you a single parent who is completely overwhelmed by your responsibilities?
  • Are you having difficulty coping with the daily demands of parenthood?
  • Are you tired of feeling insufficient as a parent?
  • Are you looking for basic parenting ideas and tools?
  • Are you always comparing your family and yourself to other families?
  • Are you a parent who aspires to be the best?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have taken the first step in recognising that something has to change.

ldf online is an expert in assisting parents in identifying their family’s strengths and assisting them in developing strategies to solve any issues they have, therefore enabling them to be The Best Parents They Can Be.

What will you gain if you work with Us?

  • Expertise from a coach who is dedicated to assisting parents in being the best parents possible.

  • Understanding and empathy for parents’ frustrations, concerns, disorientation, and soul-searching as they seek the appropriate actions and words.
  • A chance to reflect on your present parenting style and to learn new skills and tactics for bringing out the best in your children and yourself.
  • Convinced of your parenting abilities.
  • Develop Into The Best Parent You Can Be for Yourself and Your Individual Family
  • Ongoing assistance as you progress through the coaching process’s stages.

Consider the following: If you do not act now, what changes will occur for you and your family in the future?

It might steal your breath away if you stop in your tracks and consider the enormous responsibility you have as a parent. What you do and say throughout the years will have a significant impact on whether your kid develops into a well-balanced, self-sufficient adult who lives a life that allows them to reach their full potential.


Raising children is a difficult task. We are able to provide you tailored guidance and methods to assist you on your unique parenting journey.

"Calm, straightforward, and professional"

Extremely well recommended.

Passionate, devoted, and well-versed in her’stuff’ from a variety of life experiences. Calm, sincere, and professional, with exceptional listening abilities. I recommend ldfonline Coaching if you’re searching for help.

—— Jane White   

"Offered several solutions"

Excellent course

Provided several ways for being a more calm parent; choose the ones that work best for you. ldfonline is an excellent resource for ideas and sharing her experiences. I would certainly suggest.

—— Mikel    

"Excellent advise and assistance"

Strongly recommended 

She assisted me in establishing a more consistent nighttime routine, which was previously a complete catastrophe! ldfonline counsel and assistance were exceptional and made a significant impact.

—— Sara Smith